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The 18PR Pro difference

We take care of each of our clients' needs with personalized PR strategies resulting in top-tier article placements and increased sales. 

Ralph Begleiter
Founding Director, Center for Political Communication, Emeritus, University of Delaware & Former CNN World Affairs Correspondent

"Ms. Sommers was among the most highly-motivated undergraduate students I taught in two decades at the University of Delaware. She's a smart, dedicated self-starter with a strong interest in the intersection of news media and public policy. As an undergrad, she initiated broadcast investigations into public policy issues at the local level, such as low-income housing and its community-crime related challenges.

Later, I mentored her toward graduate education in journalism at Syracuse University and then in the entry-track to CNN (my former professional home), where she served in both Atlanta and Washington.


Chloe is one of those people who welcomes a project handoff and runs with the ball, while still seeking guidance from those with experience."


"As a highly skilled journalist and savvy businesswoman, Chloe can quickly and accurately assess subject matter and weave it into engaging and honest stories that are optimized for search engines. She was able assess weak points in our marketing strategy, and provided creative solutions to bring in fresh energy--and new leads--to our online presence."

Cassandra Maffey
Verde Naturals Cannabis
Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 6.45.18 PM.png

"18PR Pro doesn't give the board recommendations, they produce content and results. We couldn't have reached as many doctors and patients without them."

Elly du Pre
Executive Director
Florida Agencies Serving the Blind
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