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News and PR Pro, former White House journalist, CNN.com digital producer, freelance health writer. Chloe is responsible for launching data-driven PR campaigns resulting in the tripling of sales for companies entering the US market. 

Founder, CEO

Chloe Sommers


Lesley is our clients' connection to our PR universe. She engages our partners and community to create out-of-the-box marketing campaigns. Lesley is also a lover of Cuban coffee and creator of tic tok viral videos!

Director of Engagement

Lesley De La Uz


Carrie shines with her ability to wear multiple hats while effectively executing numerous projects. She’s responsible for many facets of our core operations and placing the client’s best foot forward is always the priority. 

Lead Project Manager

Carrie Glasscock

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Jon brings his passion for design to marketing each and every client. His specialties include promotional concepts, e-commerce consulting, and API's. 

Director of Design

Jon Lessens


New York City PR veteran and founder of the highly successful Skillume company, Marina brings over a decade of experience and connections to 18PR Pro. 

Director of Digital Marketing and Business Development

Marina Plantz


WBTV Palm Beach's veteran television journalist is a political consultant and community representative of South Florida. 

Strategic Partner

Stephanie Berzinski